House Davion (Federated Suns)


- Current Ruler: First Prince Hanse Davion
- Founding Year: 2317
- Capital (City, World): New Avalon City, New Avalon
- National Symbol: A silver sword, blade upturned, against a golden sunburst on a red disc.
- Location (Terra relative):
- Total (Inhabited) Systems: 434
- Estimated Population (3030): 1,302,000,000,000
- Government: Constitutional Aristocracy (Western European feudal stylings)
- Dominant Language(s): English (official), French, German
- Dominant Religion(s): Christianity (Interfaith Church), Buddhism, Judaism
- Military: Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS)

House Davion reigns over the Federated Suns and has long been considered the military powerhouse of the Inner Sphere. To the soldiers who fight for it, the Federated Suns and its noble ruling House are the banner-bearers of liberty in an otherwise benighted universe. The Draconis Combine and the Capellan Confederation exist merely to glorify their leaders, while the Lyran Alliance and the Free Worlds League concern themselves with money-grubbing at the expense of higher ideals. Only House Davion understands that true prosperity depends on freedom— and the willingness to fight the enemies of liberty, wherever they may be. Proud, ambitious, brimming with energy and eager to spread the blessings of freedom throughout the Inner Sphere, House Davion’s fighting men and women are among the most talented and innovative soldiers of any Successor State military.

The personal freedoms guaranteed to its people are the foundation of the Davion realm’s overwhelming confidence in its own rightness. That confidence enabled the nation to survive historical downturns that might have crippled a lesser people or rulers. In the centuries since the nation’s founding by Lucien Davion, the Federated Suns and the Davion family have become living symbols of the vitality and hope of a place where freedom rings. Harnessed to a sprawling military machine, that same vitality has extended the reach of House Davion time and time again, most notably as it conquers large stretches of Capellan territory during the Fourth Succession War.

A House Davion MechWarrior embodies the truest spirit of Davion ideals. He keeps the nation strong, defending it from attack and expanding its borders at the direction of his liege lords. Without his fighting skill and tactical expertise, the Davion way of life might vanish under assault by its many enemies — especially the Draconis Combine and the Capellan Confederation, longtime rival states whose people are shackled by slavish devotion to the dictatorial Houses Kurita and Liao. As long as such oppressive states exist, the ideals of liberty cherished by House Davion will remain under threat.

Knowing this, a Davion MechWarrior gives his all to his job. It is not enough to master basic fighting skills and follow orders; he must also hone his own tactical judgment to the highest possible level and master different fighting styles through extensive cross-training. With this kind of background, in the heat of battle even a lance commander may make the snap decision that snatches victory from defeat.

Soldiering is a glamorous job in the Federated Suns, fueled by popular admiration for the warriors who keep the flame of freedom alive. From the rawest recruit to the battlescarred veteran, every member of the Davion armed forces takes pride in his role as the ultimate guarantor of liberty and honor. The ideal of freedom is the heart of the Davion realm; the reality of successful conquest built that realm and sustains it to this day. Davion warriors safeguard the people and planets of the Federated Suns, while the overall enterprise of war brings jobs and prosperity to worlds across the Davion empire. Widespread approval of the military gives the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns an endless supply of eager recruits drawn from almost every world and all walks of life.

The AFFS is also among the best equipped Inner Sphere militaries, owing much of its technological edge to the famed New Avalon Institute of Science. This flagship institution, located on the Fed Suns capital and Davion homeworld of New Avalon, has provided the Davion military with cutting-edge improvements in battlefield technology ever since its founding. The acquisition of a Star League memory core in 3028 via the Grey Death Legion mercenary unit further enhanced the abilities and reputation of the NAIS. Consequently, whether serving in a militia unit or an elite front-line Regimental Combat Team, a Davion MechWarrior can generally expect the best equipment commensurate with his unit’s mission.

Individual AFFS units cover the spectrum. All incorporate combined-arms organization, on which the AFFS relies more than any other Inner Sphere military. The Davion MechWarrior is therefore more likely than his foreign counterparts to know something of and respect the other branches of service. This mutual understanding greatly enhances esprit de corps, another potent battlefield advantage that helps keep House Davion in the first rank of humanity’s interstellar nations.


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House Davion (Federated Suns)

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