Personal Combat

In ancient times, man-to-man combat was one of the surest tests of a warrior’s mettle, pitting his skill and courage against his enemies. As weapons technology improved, the warrior’s individual skill began to matter less and less. In the modern world, anyone who can pull a trigger can kill another man.

Combat is a dead!y affair. Many of the weapons used deal out devastating damage far beyond what a mere mortal can withstand. Many times, a single shot is enough to lay a man low. On the battlefield of the 31st century, the first shot is often more important than the best

Personal combat is divided into combat rounds. During each combat round, every character involved in the combat has a chance to act. Each round of combat represents six seconds of elapsed time.

- Initiative
- Action Types
- Movement
- Ranged Combat
- Melee Combat
- Vampire Special Attacks – Melee
- Staking A Vampire
- Personal Damage
- Damage Recovery
- Personal Combat Tables

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Personal Combat

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